Master Data Management

An MDM Solution that collects data from various sources, identifies and links same entities within/across multiple data sources, merges and aggregates information from multiple sources to create Master records. The master data acts as a source of truth. The solution comes with many related features including Analytics, Reporting, Data Stewardship & Governance.

Tekizma Master Data Management Features


Tekizma’s MDM solution provides dynamic and customizable dashboard featuring KPIs, graphs, charts and various statistical summaries.


Mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling and machine-learning techniques are applied in the knowledge base for finding meaningful patterns and analyzing various data trends.


Our MDM Solution uses a proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm to identify and manage duplicate entities within a system or across multiple systems.


Various configurations, like adding custom entity, configuring attributes and rules for entity linking, de-duping entities, and creating Master records, are available.


Easy-to-use User Interface for configuring multiple data sources, data standardization, mapping and transformation rules.


Linking and Merging of Patient records are done using deterministic matching (exact match of data attributes) and/ or fuzzy matching (also known as probabilistic matching) and is completely configurable. Fuzzy matching uses various matching algorithms (a blend of probabilistic, heuristic, linguistic, phonetic, and/or empirical methods) based on the type of data attribute being matched, with built-in algorithms for phonetic spellings and partial fields.