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Tekizma products streamline the delivery of quality services, establishing consumer confidence, satisfaction, and trust by helping the organizations to help manage the data quality and analyze the data. We build products that focus on Data Quality which is bundled as Tekizma Enterprise Monitoring System (TEMS).TEMS contains Tekizma Recon, Master Data Management, Data Quality and Validation and Datanyx. Tekizma Recon equips systems managers with the means to proactively ensure cross-system data integrity in IT implementations. Master Data Management collects data from various sources, identifies and links same entities within/across multiple data sources, merges and aggregates information from multiple sources to create Master records. Data Quality and Validation product does the complete end to end validation from the database side which is very helpful during the development and QA cycle to flesh out any data integrety and quality issues.

Datanyx is an easy to use business intelligence tool that helps in discovering information from raw data. It comes with state of art Report Designer that helps create eye catching visualization with modern charts. Use the Datacube Designer to narrow down the data to create the required dimensions and measure. When the reports are created,use the Dashboard Designer to create custom dashboards as per the business needs.

Tekizma Enterprise Monitoring System (TEMS)


An easy to use platform for Data Processing, Analytics and Data Visualization

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Tekizma Recon Suite

A Comprehensive Data Reconciliation Solution that provides Identification, Analysis..

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Master Data Management

MDM Solution compiles all of these data together in one place and makes it easily accessible..

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Who Are We?

Based in Vienna, Virginia, Tekizma is a private company that launched in 2015. We are a small team that dares to dream big. Our multidisciplinary team is passionate about our mission. We strive to transform business through innovation, enhancing user efficiency and improving consumer access to the high standard they deserve.

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