Our Products

Tekizma’s products streamline the delivery of quality services, establishing consumer confidence, satisfaction, and trust. We offer industry innovation through two product groups. The Tekizma Recon Suite of products equips systems managers with the means to proactively ensure cross­system data integrity in health IT implementations, but can be deployed in any industry. Tekizma Integrated Health products bring the power of information to patients and clinicians, enabling them to be active partners in health while participating in the highest standard of care. Tekizma Labs is the research and development arm of our company wherein we leverage our expertise and passion to envision, design and build technologies which expand access to and elevate the norms of healthcare delivery.

Tekizma Recon Suite empowers enterprise owners with unparalleled data integrity oversight by proactively identifying and correcting intersystem discrepancies before they impact consumers. Tekizma Recon Suite distinguishes itself as the only tool on the market that offers complete health data reconciliation solutions. Read more.

How Tekizma Recon Suite can help you :

  • Automatic, early detection and notification of issues
  • Ability to track and assign issues within the system
  • Intuitive dashboard, which clearly displays system reconciliation errors
  • Advanced resolution dashboard to fix reconciliation issues
  • Robust subscription and alert mechanisms
  • Adaptive learning knowledge base that helps in auto Analysis and resolution of issues

Who Are We?

Based in Vienna, Virginia, Tekizma is a private company that launched in 2015. We are a small team that dares to dream big. Our multidisciplinary team is passionate about our mission. We strive to transform business through innovation, enhancing user efficiency and improving consumer access to the high standard they deserve.

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